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Large Scale Operations

With up to 90 players per operation, and multiple operations weekly, we host some of the largest military simulations in Arma 3 - and we encourage you to be a part of it. We currently employ our Alpha Company, Bravo Company, and Marine Aircraft Group 36. This includes Infantry, Tanks, LAVs, and more!
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Immersive Battlefield

A true battlefield is diverse - and we make sure it stays as true to this as possible in our operations. With dedicated mission makers, the missions are always different, and include both the expected, and unexpected. With eight-operation campaigns, the map changes every campaign, ensuring a different fighting environment.
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Skilled Pilots

Incredibly skilled pilots support the Infantry, Armor, and Force Reconnaissance elements, by means of rotary and fixed wing aircraft. Their duties range from deploying the troops, providing them with air support, and assisting the wounded with MEDEVAC. Pilots are sometimes tasked with an additional aerial campaign in order to keep the skies clear.
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Logistical Support

Our aviation elements and ground elements are staffed by dedicated logistics personnel, allowing you to get to the battlefield, and stay on the battlefield - whether you need transportation, ammunition, medical care, or close air support.
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Advanced Medical System

Utilizing a specially configured version of ACE, it puts our Corpsman to the test both on the battlefield and on the MEDEVAC chopper.All members of the Task Force also receive basic medical training upon entering the recruitment program.
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News Ticker
  • Make sure your loadouts are in compliance with the Taskforce Loadout List.
  • Campaign #13 started 10/01/2018! Clafghan will be our area of operations for two months.
  • Be sure to follow us on Twitter to keep up with events around the unit. @Paramarines
  • Colonel Wills has handed over command to Colonel Hawkins, our original founder.
  • Modpack update on 10/04/18!

*Important* Alpha Company Roll Call Standards

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I've noticed some confusion regarding roll calls recently, so here are the standards. If any of these standards are not followed, one point will be removed from your attendance score!

1. Your roll call main post for your squad/platoon should be posted before Monday night at 12pm EST, if you can't post it your second in command should.

2. You must answer your roll call before Thursday night at 12pm EST, or else what would be the point of advanced notice?

3. You must include the 3 basic questions regarding attendance (squad training, unit training, operation) and what weapons you will be using that week. It is expected that you use the weapon you selected for Friday and Saturday's mandatory events. Question 5 can be anything, serious or not, as long as it remains within the PTF's rules.

4. Your roll call must track a player's activity status (Yes he will be attending, no he won't be attending, he's on LOA). If someone responds that they "might" attend, track this as "he won't be attending."

5. Sometimes your name might be on multiple roll calls, for example, platoon roll call and your squad roll call. In this case, please try to respond to both.

6. Hyperlink your roll call in your squad/platoon's team speak channel!


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