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  • Make sure your loadouts are in compliance with the taskforce loadout list. Campaign #10 started 4/22/2018! Esbekistan will be our area of operations for two months.
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  4. @J.Doberman Please make sure applicants are using a proper first initial and last name.
  5. @D.SweenyPlease be sure that your applicants have a proper first initial and last name when joining the unit and the post is renamed correctly after it's submitted.
  6. @D.Robertson Please make sure applicants are using a proper first initial and last name.
  7. If you're interested in being a roleplayer get on an hour or two early so we can talk.
  8. The location is the same but the objective is very different. The events of the operation will lead you away from the town of Bastam.
  9. Gameplay Notes: There will be teleport pole spawned in base after the initial briefing that will transport you to the northern airfield. This airfield was captured in a past operation and is being secured by AFT friendlies. There are ground and air assets available there if needed.
  10. Captain Bruno and I have elected to extend the defensive perimeter. Reference the images below.
  11. Date is wrong on title
  12. This is not a full campaign. This is a two part mini-campaign that will start and end this weekend. You will receive points for attending just as normal. The "actual" campaign will continue after this mini-campaign. This does not count as a full campaign and therefore your attendance will not earn you a service stripe.