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  • Make sure your loadouts are in compliance with the taskforce loadout list. Campaign #10 started 4/22/2018! Esbekistan will be our area of operations for two months.
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  1. After a long hiatus, we are finally doing a night time operation! Get your NVG's ready boys.
  3. Accepted/Locked.
  4. Hate to be that guy again but It's gonna be hard for everyone to drop the backpacks since most of command element uses Long Range Radios, which is a bit of a necessity at this point.
  5. Honestly if its discovered that we can do a HALO jump without that mod I will be very excited for future operations.
  6. Quick question, how are they going to conduct a HALO jump if Backpack On Chest is no longer in our modpack? They will not be able to jump with their backpacks with the supplies in them AND their parachute.
  7. I will be role-playing the President so speak to me when I'm on the TS and we can do it in character.
  8. Looks good - Please join our Teamspeak to speak with a recruiter and wrap up! Teamspeak is ts.ParamarineTaskForce.com
  9. Looks good! Please join our TeamSpeak for an interview.
  10. Accepted/Locked
  11. Command and Signal needs to be updated.
  12. Accepted/Locked
  13. Accepted/Locked