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  • Chief Hospital Corpsman J.Hall has been selected for TFC. Thank you to all applicants for your time and dedication.
  • New gear and equipment standards will be unveiled this week!
  • Campaign #10 begins 4/22/2018! Modpack update has hit, update it on ARMA 3 Sync.
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  2. Name: Ben Age : 17 Why : I have never been part of a unit or done anything like this however i feel this unit seems to not only create a fun and exciting gaming experience, however it also includes more serious and realistic game play. I am mainly joining for the realistic Zeus missions/ pre-made missions as id like to be part of something more than cannon fodder. Experience : As i have said before i have never been part of a unit however i have played Arma 3 and a couple of smaller military simulators rs for quite a long time. Position : From experience i would say i am best with medium ranged rifles or marksman rifles, however if our unit cannot supply such advanced weapons i am also decent with automatic assault rifles and mg's. I am a very diverse player who can take up the role of any position if required to do so. SPL : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Sins4glory/home