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  • Make sure your loadouts are in compliance with the Taskforce Loadout List.
  • Campaign #14 started 11/26/2018! Chernarus will be our area of operations.
  • Be sure to follow us on Twitter to keep up with events around the unit. @Paramarines
  • We have merged Alpha and Bravo Company together to bring all the members together!
  • Air has changed into a Marine Air Group.
  • Campaign #14 will be our first Snow map in PTF history!
  • Modpack update on 11/27/18!


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  1. D.Ryan

    I lost 10 points because of this LOA I lost them from the last alpha op
  2. ---------------------------------- Name: LCpl D.Ryan Date of LOA Start: 10/05/18 Date of LOA End: 19/05/18 Reason for LOA: don’t get payed till the 12th and as I’ve just moved I still need to order a desk and chair
  3. Name: PFC D.Ryan Date of LOA Start: 25/04/18 Date of LOA End: 10/05/18 Reason for LOA: i should be moving into my new place on the 25th (currently in a hostel) so im going to need time to get internet/electric/gas ect sorted as its a new build, i think 2 weeks is enough time if not i will make another LOA on the 10th for a extra week.
  4. D.Ryan

    nvm got mixed up with dates lol
  5. D.Ryan

    long shot but any chance on a imc before saturday so i can get promoted
  6. D.Ryan

    i will be there i need it for LCpl
  7. That's your original so THATS the only application we need so connect to the teamspeak like Sweeny said and WAIT in the recruitment channel and there will be someone along soon to finalize your application.
  8. Then please can you do it in the correct format , making duplicate applications in the wrong format isn't going to get you accepted
  9. How many applications are you going to do
  10. ---------------------------------- Name: Pvt D.Ryan Date of Absence: 24/03/18 Reason for Absence:my cpu went pop so waiting on new parts. So im filing this just incase the parts arent here in time for training but in case they are i will update this post. ----------------------------------
  11. D.Ryan

    Name: D. Ryan Age: 27 Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198085641261/ Why would you like to join the Task Force? i have been in mil-sim units before, and i haven't been a part of one in some time i would like to get back into the aspect of a mil-sim as i think it would be fun to meet some new faces and to work as a unit. What type of role would you like to fill? (Infantry, Armor, Reconnaissance, Pilot, Aircrew, etc): Infantry. Which timeslot is best for you, on a weekly basis? Mark with an "[X]". Mark both if you are available for both, however you will only be assigned to ONE timeslot! [X] 7PM EST Friday/Saturday [ ] 3PM EST Saturday/Sunday [ ] Neither of the above timeslots works for me. I was sent here by Sean Credven as we was in the same unit some time ago.