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  • The Task Force is now deployed to Takistan.
  • Desert MARPAT is standard issue for current deployment.
  • Alpha Company now has additional rifleman slots.
  • The Units page has reached over 600+ members!
  • Be sure to follow us on Twitter to keep up with events around the unit. @Paramarines
  • Modpack updated as of 12/10/17.


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  1. Name: Chase Chambliss Age: 17 Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/thechasee/ Why would you like to join the Task Force?: Mil-sims have always been an enjoyable and fun experience in the past. After my past one disbanded, I stopped playing Arma 3 for a while. Recently, I have been getting back into the game, and consequently been on the lookout for any mil-sim group that caught my eyes. The paramarine task force on the surface level looks well-organized and complete, and I would love to be a part of it. What type of role would you like to fill? (Infantry, Armor, Reconnaissance, Pilot, Aircrew, etc): Logistics/Infantry/Reconnaissance Which timeslot is best for you, on a weekly basis? Mark with an "[X]". Mark both if you are available for both, however you will only be assigned to ONE timeslot! [X ] 7PM EST Friday/Saturday [ ] 3PM EST Saturday/Sunday [ ] Neither of the above timeslots works for me.