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  • Make sure your loadouts are in compliance with the Taskforce Loadout List.
  • Campaign #14 started 11/26/2018! Chernarus will be our area of operations.
  • Be sure to follow us on Twitter to keep up with events around the unit. @Paramarines
  • We have merged Alpha and Bravo Company together to bring all the members together!
  • Air has changed into a Marine Air Group.
  • Campaign #14 will be our first Snow map in PTF history!
  • Modpack update on 11/27/18!


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  1. A.Flex

    Name: A.Flex Date of LOA Start: Today 3/14/18 Date of LOA End: 3/22/18 Reason for LOA: Due to the recent school shootings and bombings the first responders/Crisis Responders are being required to go through a series of exams and trainings once again to make sure we are fit to hold those tittle. This means tonight I will be packing up and headed down to the nearest facility which of course is in New Jersey and a 3 hour drive. Once there we will be utterly fucked for over a week and I really don't want to do this but I have no choice. In any case have a good one while I am gone and sorry. -A.Flex
  2. A.Flex

    My name is A. Flex or Tarkins. I am 17 years old. The steam profile link is: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Tarkins/ The reason I want to join your lovely Task Force is because one of my friends "Buck" suggested it to me and I was in the market for a new milsim. Not only that but this group seems well established and organized. I look forward to joining. The role I would like to fill is JTAC or CLS/68w(infantry) 3pm Friday/Saturday would be the best timeslot for me. However, I am generally online all Fridays and weekends. -Thank you.