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  • Make sure your loadouts are in compliance with the Taskforce Loadout List.
  • Campaign #14 started 11/26/2018! Chernarus will be our area of operations.
  • Be sure to follow us on Twitter to keep up with events around the unit. @Paramarines
  • We have merged Alpha and Bravo Company together to bring all the members together!
  • Air has changed into a Marine Air Group.
  • Campaign #14 will be our first Snow map in PTF history!
  • Modpack update on 11/27/18!


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  1. Name:[Sgt] N.Smith Date of LOA Start:3/24/2018 Date of LOA End:5/31/2018 Reason for LOA:Starting to get distracted from school work and need to get back on tract with that kinda stuff
  2. N.Smith

    Could the objective be explained a little more, all I really got from it was that we were dropping into the airfield
  3. N.Smith

    Slide #10 "It will shown key sites"
  4. Name:J. Thomas Date of LOA Start:2/11/2018 Date of LOA End:2/20/2018 Reason for LOA:Computer repairs are taking longer than orginally expected Notice: I am Thomas's TL and am making a LOA for him by his request do to him being unable to make one himself
  5. N.Smith

    Roleplay Name: Noah Smith Age: 16 Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/undeadarc/ Do you have prior milsim/realism experience?: No If yes, why did you leave that unit/community?: Do you have prior military experience?: No If yes, when have you served, and with which country/branch?: Where do you seek to start in the unit?: Marine Detachment Infantry Rifleman Marine Detachment Force Reconnaissance Recon Scout Which times would you be able to regularly attend? : 7PM EST Friday and 7PM EST Saturday 3PM EST Saturday and 3PM EST Sunday