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  • Colonel M.Wills is our new Commanding Officer, successor to Colonel M.Hawkins, our founder.
  • Woodland MARPAT is our current deployment uniform, Desert MARPAT will be used on the training server.
  • Only three deployments left in the campaign.
  • The Units page has reached over 600+ members!
  • Be sure to follow us on Twitter to keep up with events around the unit. @Paramarines
  • Modpack updated as of 12/10/17.


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  1. can i be a RolePlayer??
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  7. Roleplay Name: R. Woods Age: 22 Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/023112223121 Do you have prior milsim/realism experience?: Yes If yes, why did you leave that unit/community?: Unit Shut Down Do you have prior military experience?: No If yes, when have you served, and with which country/branch?: Where do you seek to start in the unit?: Marine Detachment Force Reconnaissance Recon Scout Other Which times would you be able to regularly attend? : 7PM EST Friday and 7PM EST Saturday 3PM EST Saturday and 3PM EST Sunday
  8. Name:R.Woods Age:21 Steam Profile Link:http://steamcommunity.com/id/023112223121/ Why would you like to join the Paramarines?: Im Looking For A Strong roleplay commuity that runs out of est Do you have prior Milsim experience?:Yes What position would you seek to start in, and what position would you seek to attain?:2ndLt Or Higher Can you consistently attend 7PM EST Friday and Saturday? Sometimes i might miss some do to work i would have to look at my schedule