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  • Make sure your loadouts are in compliance with the taskforce loadout list. Campaign #11 started 6/11/2018! Bornholm will be our area of operations for two months.
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  1. R.Winters

    Long Live The PTF (-)7
  2. R.Winters

    I can assist and run other courses side by side.
  3. R.Winters

    It is fine, just update the actual training log.
  4. R.Winters

    Its needs a date time and what you are teaching. The correct course is also MOUT
  5. R.Winters

    I will be giving an impromptu RCC & CMC course for those who could not attend Mondays course.
  6. R.Winters

    Mirrors and hand signals
  7. R.Winters

    Great WARNO!!
  8. R.Winters

    Ok, this first week do to a low demand........I will be doing MOUT and COC
  9. I will be doing some impromptu courses for those people who have missed some qualifications for their promotion. The courses that I do depend on the need on that date. Comment your suggestions or needed courses.
  10. R.Winters

    You can only roleplay for the opposite companies Op
  11. R.Winters

    Can I be the roleplayer?
  12. R.Winters

    I mean, they are amateur film makers who don't take criticism well.
  13. R.Winters

    I pointed this out to The Gunny, and he explained it could be a portion of the enemy that refused to be a part of the peace negotiations. The opposing side doesn't want to waste energy on them, so it falls to us. Rogue elements was the word he used.