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Large Scale Operations

With up to 90 players per operation, and multiple operations weekly, we host some of the largest military simulations in Arma 3 - and we encourage you to be a part of it. We currently employ our Alpha Company, Bravo Company, and Marine Aircraft Group 36. This includes Infantry, Tanks, LAVs, and more!
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Immersive Battlefield

A true battlefield is diverse - and we make sure it stays as true to this as possible in our operations. With dedicated mission makers, the missions are always different, and include both the expected, and unexpected. With eight-operation campaigns, the map changes every campaign, ensuring a different fighting environment.
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Skilled Pilots

Incredibly skilled pilots support the Infantry, Armor, and Force Reconnaissance elements, by means of rotary and fixed wing aircraft. Their duties range from deploying the troops, providing them with air support, and assisting the wounded with MEDEVAC. Pilots are sometimes tasked with an additional aerial campaign in order to keep the skies clear.
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Logistical Support

Our aviation elements and ground elements are staffed by dedicated logistics personnel, allowing you to get to the battlefield, and stay on the battlefield - whether you need transportation, ammunition, medical care, or close air support.
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Advanced Medical System

Utilizing a specially configured version of ACE, it puts our Corpsman to the test both on the battlefield and on the MEDEVAC chopper.All members of the Task Force also receive basic medical training upon entering the recruitment program.
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  • Make sure your loadouts are in compliance with the Taskforce Loadout List.
  • Campaign #14 started 11/26/2018! Chernarus will be our area of operations.
  • Be sure to follow us on Twitter to keep up with events around the unit. @Paramarines
  • We have merged Alpha and Bravo Company together to bring all the members together!
  • Air has changed into a Marine Air Group.
  • Campaign #14 will be our first Snow map in PTF history!
  • Modpack update on 11/27/18!
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  • MEMBERS NOTICE: If you have not already, please ensure that you join the unit on the "Units" page, run by Bohemia Interactive. It can be found by clicking HERE.

    APPLICANT NOTICE: If you have any interest in joining the Paramarine Task Force, please join Teamspeak and speak to a recruiter about joining. You can join Teamspeak by clicking HERE, or connecting via Teamspeak 3 to the IP:

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      NEW! : For those that have become a part of this unit, please take the time to make a thread here introducing yourself to the the Task Force!

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      "MiniOp" postings and signups are found here. Please follow the template when organizing a planned MiniOp.

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      S1 handles all matters of Absentee Notifications, Leave of Absence Requests, Promotion Processing, and Point Tracking.

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  • More About the Paramarine Task Force Milsim, an Arma 3 Unit.

    The Paramarine Task Force Milsim Unit has consistently had a history of excellence as a leading Arma 3 Unit. Originating in October of 2016, the Task Force began due to popular request among a small group of friends, who came from a plethora of different Arma 3 Units. We chose to portray a portion of the United States Marine Corps that has been very much forgotten - the men of the 1st Marine Parachute Infantry Regiment who served with distinction in World War II. Though we play in the modern era, we simulate the values and mission environment that these men had worked in.  

    Throughout our own history, we have always made a point to be unique in the Arma 3 Milsim community. That is reflected in our structure, our missions, and our behavior. We have endeavoured to hold our focus on a mixed force structure consisting of core military assets, such as infantry, armor, and reconnaissance. We have stayed at a distance from the “Special Operations” designations, as we feel that to do so would reduce our operations to the interesting types of equipment we could use, rather than how we actually conduct our missions. In this, we have found our niche in perfecting simplicity, an area that is rarely touched in Arma 3.

    The Task Force originated as a single Marine Parachute Infantry squad, and though there were many bumps along our path to success, the Task Force grew at a relatively consistent rate It was clear to us that we had struck the perfect mix of gameplay and community. Every member welcomed through our doors, upon passing their initial training, has been welcomed as a fully fledged member of our community, and as a part of our family.  

    In Quarter 1 of 2017, we completed our first infantry platoon, and started our second platoon, which was to consist of light armored vehicles. Shortly following this, we added our third platoon, which consisted of Force Reconnaissance, tasked with performing forward observation for the other assets. In Quarter 3 of 2017, it became apparent that Arma could not continue to handle the number of players we were gathering, and we created a second company. This company, Bravo Company, extended our outreach to more easily welcome those residing in Europe. It initially began as a single reconnaissance platoon, and quickly grew to two reconnaissance platoons, and an additional light armored reconnaissance platoon. At this time, Alpha Company’s light armored platoon initiated training to swap to the M1 Abrams, thus becoming an armor platoon. At this time, we currently maintain six platoons among two companies, alongside an incredible Marine Aircraft Group, which fields a further four squadrons. Each squadron specializes in particular aircraft systems in order to perform at an incredibly high level.

    Alongside the Ground Combat Elements of the Paramarine Task Force, we have an outstanding Aviation Combat Element, Marine Aircraft Group 36. This element consists of trained Air Traffic Controllers, and four individual squadrons. Vikings Squadron supports the Task Force with F/A-18 support, focusing primarily on air superiority and close air support. Wolfpack Squadron supports the Task Force with UH-1Y and CH-53E, that focuses on transportation and air support. Raiders Squadron supports the Task Force with KC-130 variant support, as well as UAV support. This squadron is incredibly important, due to the necessity of these pilots to support parachute operations, equipment transport, aerial refueling, and intelligence. Lastly, we have the Gunfighter Squadron, which utilizes AH-1Z Vipers for air support, while also providing reconnaissance.

    If this interests you, please join our teamspeak at ts.ParamarineTaskForce.com, and speak with one of our team! We’re happy to take on new players, and old players, and help you thrive in Arma, while providing an incredibly enjoyable experience. We have always considered ourselves unique, and you will not find another Arma 3 Unit that can compete!