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Large Scale Operations

With over 60 to 70 players during an operation, and multiple operations weekly, we host some of the largest military simulations in Arma 3 - and we encourage you to be a part of it. We currently employ our Alpha Company, Bravo Company, and Marine Aircraft Group 36. This includes Infantry, Tanks, LAVs, and more!
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Immersive Battlefield

A true battlefield is diverse - and we make sure it stays as true to this as possible in our operations. With dedicated mission makers, the missions are always different, and include both the expected, and unexpected. With eight-operation campaigns, the map changes every campaign, ensuring a different fighting environment.
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Skilled Pilots

Incredibly skilled pilots support the Infantry, Armor, and Force Reconnaissance elements, by means of rotary and fixed wing aircraft. Their duties range from deploying the troops, providing them with air support, and assisting the wounded with MEDEVAC. Pilots are sometimes tasked with an additional aerial campaign in order to keep the skies clear.
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Logistical Support

Our aviation elements and ground elements are staffed by dedicated logistics personnel, allowing you to get to the battlefield, and stay on the battlefield - whether you need transportation, ammunition, medical care, or close air support.
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Advanced Medical System

Utilizing a specially configured version of ACE, it puts our Corpsman to the test both on the battlefield and on the MEDEVAC chopper.All members of the Task Force also receive basic medical training upon entering the recruitment program.
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  • The Task Force is now deployed to Takistan.
  • Desert MARPAT is standard issue for current deployment.
  • Alpha Company now has additional rifleman slots.
  • The Units page has reached over 600+ members!
  • Be sure to follow us on Twitter to keep up with events around the unit. @Paramarines
  • Modpack updated as of 12/10/17.
  • Carrier Air Wing Eleven

    US Naval Air Wing of the Paramarine Task Force

    EST OCT 2016




    Carrier Air Wing Commander: Lieutenant Commander C.Anderson

  • About:

    Carrier Air Wing Eleven provides an essential air role to the various ground elements within the Paramarine Task Force. Supporting a massive ground force, the CAW provides air superiority, close-air-support, air traffic control, ground insertions, ship-to-shore weapons, and naval superiority.


    Operating under the combat callsign, "Thunder", CVW11 consists of the following:

    • Black Knight Squadron [F18 / F35]
    • Wolfpack Squadron [MH-60S Seahawk / MH-53 Sea Dragons]
    • Provider Squadron [C-2A Greyhound / E-2 Hawkeye / UAV]
    • Air Traffic Control
    • Bridge Command
    • Medical Corpsman


    Please vote for the Paramarine Task Force and Forces Reserve on Armaclans! One vote EACH, per day, per IP!
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