• Carrier Air Wing Eleven

    US Naval Air Wing of the Paramarine Task Force

    EST OCT 2016




    Carrier Air Wing Commander: Lieutenant C.Anderson

  • About:

    Carrier Air Wing Eleven provides an essential air role to the various ground elements within the Paramarine Task Force. Supporting a massive ground force, the CAW provides air superiority, close-air-support, air traffic control, ground insertions, ship-to-shore weapons, and naval superiority.


    Operating under the combat callsign, "Thunder", CVW11 consists of the following:

    • Black Knight Squadron [F18 / F35]
    • Wolfpack Squadron [MH-60S Seahawk / MH-53 Sea Dragons]
    • Provider Squadron [C-2A Greyhound / E-2 Hawkeye / UAV]
    • Air Traffic Control
    • Bridge Command
    • Medical Corpsman


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